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Why Facets?


  • Facets jewelry only uses diamonds that are E-F, F-G and G-H color and VVS-VS in clarity.
  • Facets only uses ideal and premium cut diamonds.
  • Facets only uses 950 platinum - the purest form of platinum used in jewelry - as well as 18K gold.
  • There are no exceptions to our quality regardless if it is a diamond studded earring, die struck maternity ring, or anything in between, when we say we only use the best, we mean it.

Precise Layouts:

  • We select each diamond by exact millimeter size. Since the majority of our eternity and wedding bands are machine-set, this is of the utmost importance.
  • We examine each diamond using a 10-power loupe and evaluate color, clarity and make based on GIA standards.

Die-struck Rings:

  • Die-struck jewelry is denser and more durable than casted or handmade pieces.
  • Since die-struck pieces are made from extruded metal - metal that is subjected to extremely high pressure - the pieces are free from porosity. This allows the ring to have a higher polish.
  • Even the thinnest die-struck prong is stronger than any casted prong.
  • The die-struck blank is cut to accommodate the exact size and shape of the diamonds.
  • The above properties are universal to everything from die-struck maternity rings to all other die-struck ring styles.