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The Facets Collection is comprised of brand new jewelry created in Platinum (PT950) and 18K gold using only collection-grade diamonds - E-F, F-G, and G-H in color and VVS-VS in clarity.

Facets engagement rings are all certified by GIA. Color ranges from D-H and clarity ranges from IF-VS2. The cut of a Facets diamond is always either Ideal or Premium. A Facets diamond will have either no or faint fluorescence.

The Facets Collection - Statement of Non-Tolerance for Conflict Diamonds
Facets ensures that all of its diamonds have been derived from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on written guarantees from the suppliers of these diamonds.

Facets maintains sole authority over the diamonds it uses based on color, clarity, make and consistency of size, as well as the quality of the rings.

More recently, Facets is working with one of DeBeers’ sightholders – a company which gets rough diamonds directly from DeBeers. Not only has this company been able to supply Facets with high quality diamonds, but also is allowing Facets to be one of the few companies branded by DeBeers.

The ability to buy diamonds directly from the sightholder enables Facets to pass along the savings to the consumer.

Business is about more than just delivering products; it's about maintaining good client relationships. At The Facets Collection, we pride ourselves on not only providing the finest jewelry, but also the most satisfying customer experience.